Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

I've used different, local Norwegian companies to create my parts before. Laser cutting acrylic and stainless steel, acrylic sheet bending and water jet aluminum cutting. So why is RazorLAB such a big step forward? Latest parts delivered from RazorLAB. They explain up-front what you need to do. Limitations, examples, howto's, templates, etc. (links). No email … Continue reading Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

New acrylic parts arrived, but unusable

Just got new acrylic parts delivered from Plastkomponenter, but they are unusable. Top and bottom are not parallel, and the handles will not join nicely. Crrrrap :/ Latest version of the design looks like this: So, what now? Figure I could make a cast and try vacuum bagging (in Norwegian). If you heat acrylic sheets … Continue reading New acrylic parts arrived, but unusable

Designing purses: First parts arrived

The acrylic parts for the first prototype has arrived. Looks really good. The bend angles are correct and the bends doesn't have cracks from bend tension. Aluminum parts are expected next friday. Hoping the blue color comes from the protection layer. Because of the production process, the top and bottom needed to be at least … Continue reading Designing purses: First parts arrived

Designing purses, part 2

Since last blog post about becomming a purse designer I've continued with idea #2. First task was to decide on proportions for the purse and all the different parts. That was last friday. Today I've been working on the hinges, connectiong the two parts that form the outer shell. Not sure yet, but I might … Continue reading Designing purses, part 2

Hobby: Designing womens purses

After years of fumbling with a hobby project of mine, I finally got at it a couple a days ago. I started a little dream, designing womens purses. It's not important that it is just womens purses, but that particular accessory has a couple of important success criteria. The most important parts of the idea … Continue reading Hobby: Designing womens purses