One size fits all, badly, and 3 other reasons Google Search is fighting an uphill battle

Four reasons why specialised search solutions will steal users from Google. And one of the technologies that could do it.

Which sources are good for a personal search?

Personal search needs your input on sources searchable Since last time, I've gotten a search up and running, and styled search box, facets, filters and search results. I'm indexing starred Gmail, Twitter tweets and Flickr uploads. But which sources do you want? Life Index is all about being your search solution. Which sources would be … Continue reading Which sources are good for a personal search?

Idea: Your life, searchable through Norch – NOde seaRCH

How to make your online life searchable through Norch, NOde seaRCH, IFTTT and Google Drive Spreadsheet. Your own lifeindex - available through search.