Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

I've used different, local Norwegian companies to create my parts before. Laser cutting acrylic and stainless steel, acrylic sheet bending and water jet aluminum cutting. So why is RazorLAB such a big step forward? Latest parts delivered from RazorLAB. They explain up-front what you need to do. Limitations, examples, howto's, templates, etc. (links). No email … Continue reading Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

Second major redesign, purse #2

So, what's the status? Most important: Almost all parts will now be made out of acrylic. First redesign was to make the purse lighter. Second one, finished yesterday, was to drop handles and hinges made out of aluminum. The original idea was to CNC these parts myself, but I never got the machine I ordered. … Continue reading Second major redesign, purse #2