search-index – the JavaScript search engine – is growing like a weed

It’s nice that the amount of downloads are growing for search-index, the JavaScript search engine. And the downloads do grow – a lot! But more important: It seems people are actually using it. Not just taking it for a test-run and then abandoning it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.12.39
Downloads on NPM. Not an exact number, but a good indicator on usage.

Thank you!

So, a thanks to all of you that have committed code, filed issues, or otherwise told us how you’re using search-index, or what you need from it. That being Gitter, Google Groups, email or other channels. It’s an inspiration and it makes the project a lot better. And that goes for all the sub-modules too.

3rd party modules using search-index

Some of the 3rd party modules that has been published on NPM. We hope they do well!

  • cozy-indexer: Full text indexing library for cozy.
  • epub-full-text-search: Search engine for EPUB3 documents.
  • loopback-search-index: search-index connector for loopback.
  • sosay: sosays is a command-line helper written in Node.js, which shows you advice from StackOverflow about what you should do in Bash.
  • yunodb: Portable, persistent, electron compatible fulltext search database.

Not the only JavaScript search engine in town

Another, even more popular search engine, written in JavaScript, is Lunr.js. It’s more mature  and simpler to use than search-index. And maybe they has two different use cases? Anyway: What’s good for Lunr.js, is good for search-index. More people using one or the other, means more people understands that a JavaScript search engine can be a good thing, and that a search engine running in your browser has a lot of groundbreaking possibilities.

Happy searching in your browser and happy developing!

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