Project Tofino – Supporting the web application

One way to go about it (designing a browser that isn’t a browser) could be to make it fit one web application per window. Then Project Tofino could focus on supporting one purpose at a time, instead of catering for the whole Internet all the time, in a very generic way. Maybe a combination of web application specific- and browser specific functions could be a good mix?

Today, most of the browser real estate outside the content window is focused on which URL you’re browsing, tabs, a search box (with Google, Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go at it’ heart) and bookmarks and menus. It faces away from the stuff that’s happening inside your browser window. What if this real estate became part of the application?

The search box is doing site search and the menu bar is the site menu.

But I just blogged the opposite case?

I’ve just posted “Project Tofino – One step closer to your online life“, and how the browser could help you get one step closer to your friends, your interactions with them and your content on the web. It’s a generic view if you look at it from a web application perspective, but maybe one solution isn’t one browser view or mode to bind them all. The solution could be to change how the browser behave depending what you’re looking at. It could have a personal mode and a web application mode? If you just start the browser without feeding it any URL, it would be in the personal mode.

Where do you want to go, or what are you looking for?

When you end up on a web application you get the web application mode. The menus and functions change to be application specific, with a couple of exceptions: You can bookmark the web application and you can go back to personal mode. But apart from that it’s all about the web application.

No URL field, the search box searches the application, and the browser menu is the application menu.

I know it’ll be a lot o but and if’s, but what’s your initial reaction?

Disagree, have a comment or want to pitch in? Youre thoughts are more than welcome =)

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