Main use cases for a personal search

What’s the main use cases for a personal search solution?

This is just a quick, high level explanation of the main use cases for personal search. Personal search is meant to make your digital life searchable, from one search box / search solution.

life-index-illustrations_01 - digital life
Most of us use a lot of online services. Some of the ones I use a lot: Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, GitHub, Google Calendar, Twitter and WordPress. I’m also testing logging my position to see how that could fit into a personal search solution

If you’re online, you got a lot of different accounts where you interact with other people. You have different types of interactions. Those actions can be writing a post, message, uploading and image etc. Then you got the reactions to these. And at last you got the lurkers, giving you the easiest reaction of them all a like, a heart, a start or a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

life-index-illustrations_02 - fragmented search
All of these services got some form of search possibilities.

All these services has a search solution in place. Good or bad. But when you want to find back to your interactions, you have to know where they happened. Did I comment on that in Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub or Twitter? Or was it in an email? It gets harder if you don’t remember the exact word you used, or don’t remember with whom you had the discussion with.

life-index-illustrations_03 - personal search
What if you didn’t have to figure out in which service you said what to whom?

This is where personal search comes in handy. One search solution that indexes all your actions and reactions, and other peoples reactions to your actions. You no longer have to figure out where you had a discussion to find back to it. All your digital stuff, or digital life, searchable in one search box! That’s the main use case for a personal search solution.

Sooo… Any reactions for me to index?

Earlier I’ve written about how the idea for a personal search came about, what the search information model could look like, and what sources would be good for a personal search solution.

Illustrations were created for a presentation at the open mic night at the Webrebels conference 2015.

5 thoughts on “Main use cases for a personal search

    1. So far I’m using IFTTT – If This Then That – to access this content. A more direct way would be creating connectors through the different services AIP’s. The user will have to accept that the personal search app has access to each service that she or he would like to index.


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