Two material tests for a new purse lining

I’ve had a couple of failures when it comes to the purse lining. First I tried sewing, but with a semi rigid material, that didn’t work well. Then I found out the material I was testing didn’t take folding all that well. For a origami look, that’s not good. is the same type of service as, but they got other materials as well.

After a lot of reading about different plastic materials, I found that I wanted to test mylar and silicone.

After a little drawing session, the new lining was ready to be ordered

Got the package from today, and the result looks very promising.

A little advertising for a great service.

For now, the mylar lining is my first choice, but I have to see the finished result, and how well they handle folding etc.

Mylar up close
Really happy with the details.

Silicone cuts closeup

Silicone cuts

Mylar and sillicone cuts

Mylar sidewalls

Silicone closeup

Soon there will be assembly time!

Disagree, have a comment or want to pitch in? Youre thoughts are more than welcome =)

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