Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

I’ve used different, local Norwegian companies to create my parts before. Laser cutting acrylic and stainless steel, acrylic sheet bending and water jet aluminum cutting. So why is RazorLAB such a big step forward?

Latest parts delivered from RazorLAB.

  1. They explain up-front what you need to do.
    Limitations, examples, howto’s, templates, etc. (links). No email back and forth for days about something you didn’t figure out.
  2. They’re online and responsive.
    You get an almost immediate response if somethings not correct with your drawing.
  3. No hassle converting files to the correct, obscure, format. Use your favorite tool. They have starter kits for Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape. Create your design and upload those files. Attach correct material to your designs and you’re ready for production. If you want different materials than what they’ve already go, there’s a way for that too.
  4. They like small scale customers, your money is good enough for them. You get your parts sent to you by mail, not in a semitrailer loaded onto a pallet (Yep, I once got a delivery like that where I worked).

They also have a nice blog, showcasing customers products and cool techniques and stuff from other makers. Here’s a nice explanation on how to avoid cracks in acrylic sheets, and how about creating laser cut, live hinges?

And a little note at the end. Yes, I now got all the parts I’ve ordered, correctly sized. So, buy glue, glue, then more photos =)

6 thoughts on “Creating with RazorLAB: From idea to laser-cut parts

  1. Hi, I’m looking for something similar to Razorlab, who can cut very small batches of 5 piece per design x6 designs of Aluminium or Brass 10-30mm parts. Do you know of anyone who can do this?



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