Parts for handles and hinges looking good

Got the parts shipped from RazorLAB the other day! A little bump in the road was that some of the parts were too big, but a good thing it wasn’t my fault. RazorLAB used a couple of hours the next day to make new parts and ship them imideately.

The parts to the left were too big (scaled up approximately 30% along each axis), the others were fine.

And a small hickup like this doesn’t matter when the finish and service is just perfect. Think the new parts will make the purse look really good. I guess the next post will be during bulding of a new prototype.

In paralell to ordering acrylic parts, I’m reading up on plastic materials for the lining and figuring out which glue to use. Mylar, HDPE or LDPE are the ones looking most promising just now. The first lining will just be one big compartment.

Disagree, have a comment or want to pitch in? Youre thoughts are more than welcome =)

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