Second major redesign, purse #2

So, what’s the status? Most important: Almost all parts will now be made out of acrylic.

First redesign was to make the purse lighter. Second one, finished yesterday, was to drop handles and hinges made out of aluminum. The original idea was to CNC these parts myself, but I never got the machine I ordered. A couple a weeks ago I found You send them svg-files (Scalable Vector Graphics), and they send you back lasercut acrylic parts. So, I figured out a way to redo the design and ordered enough parts for three purses. The handle- and hinges will now consist of three layers glued together. My best bet is to use a version of Acrifix. Hopefully it will create clear joints and be strong enough. With several layers glued together, I can get the 3D shapes I need out of a 2D laser cutter.

Here’s a file for some of the parts I ordered:

So, with some major stuff figured out, I only have some easy, unsolved tasks left:

  • Find suitable material for the lining. It should be some sort of semi-rigid plastic that can be folded without the folds cracking up.
  • Figure out nice looking and easy way to stitch/glue lining parts together.
  • Wiring layout
  • Lining layout: compartments, hiding battery, etc.

Disagree, have a comment or want to pitch in? Youre thoughts are more than welcome =)

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