search-index – the JavaScript search engine – is growing like a weed

It's nice that the amount of downloads are growing for search-index, the JavaScript search engine. And the downloads do grow - a lot! But more important: It seems people are actually using it. Not just taking it for a test-run and then abandoning it. Thank you! So, a thanks to all of you that have [...]

Project Tofino – Supporting the web application

One way to go about it (designing a browser that isn’t a browser) could be to make it fit one web application per window. Then Project Tofino could focus on supporting one purpose at a time, instead of catering for the whole Internet all the time, in a very generic way. Maybe a combination of [...]

Project Tofino – One step closer to your online life

I'm taking a little interest in Project Tofino these days, and they're trying to take a fresh look at the browser and designing a browser that isn’t a browser. Or, more precisely, trying to think how a browser would work and look if you didn't have all those years of document reader history. A browser is [...]

One size fits all, badly, and 3 other reasons Google Search is fighting an uphill battle

Four reasons why specialised search solutions will steal users from Google. And one of the technologies that could do it.

Which sources are good for a personal search?

Personal search needs your input on sources searchable Since last time, I've gotten a search up and running, and styled search box, facets, filters and search results. I'm indexing starred Gmail, Twitter tweets and Flickr uploads. But which sources do you want? Life Index is all about being your search solution. Which sources would be [...]